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Thank you for visiting Explore-Science-Fiction-Movies.com and following our updates.

My name is Vesna 'Wasa' Avramov.

I started this website in 2008 to celebrate beautiful and amazing aspects of science fiction movies and to create a place where SF movie fans can share their passion for SF films, find interesting information and have loads of fun.

I inherited the love of movies from my dad. He would be surprised to hear this because he does not consider himself to be a movie fan, but he talked about them with such an enthusiasm and joy that some of his passion rubbed off me.

He told me interesting stories of how he, as a kid, stood in line for hours to buy a ticket for the newest Wild West adventure or Tarzan movie and how in those days, before TV became a common place, cinema was a big deal in a small town where he lived.

Watching movies, on TV and in cinema, become a special event for me, too.

Soon enough among all those films and genres, I discovered SF movies. They mesmerized me and fueled my imagination with fascinating worlds and characters, daring thoughts, uplifting creativity and with ever-present vibe that anything and everything is possible.

our dog Hulk...

With every movie I saw my love grow and I distinctly remember when my love turned into passion...

That was also the moment when I took the first step on a path of becoming an SF Movie Explorer.

It was a Sunday night a long time ago on the planet Earth. :) :) My parents went to sleep assuming that I followed their example. But, rebellious young teenager that I was, I stayed up and watched TV.

It was very late and my intention was to flick through channels, one last time, before I turned the TV off. At that moment something caught my attention. The screen showed an alien landscape. A desert.

Suddenly, I found myself in the thick of battle. The combatants were riding giant worms, had blue eyes and strange weapons based on sound (sound familiar? :) ). Well, that was enough for me to slip into a watching mode for the next hour or so.

Anyway, who could resist the movie that one never heard of, did not know the title or the plot of, and did not see the first half of?! ;)

Next few days I talked to a lot of people and asked a lot of questions about that movie. All I got was a lot of "What did you eat for breakfast?!?" looks. Still I wasn't discouraged.

A few days later, sister's best friend, movie guru in disguise, J.S. told me to come visit her some day. She said she had a little something for me (oh, nothing special, just a little science fiction movie she had rented from a local video club - we still had those around).

Yes, you guessed it. It was the mysterious movie from the other night.

We watched it twice in a row!

What can I say? Four hours of sheer heaven!

Leeloo cyborg cat
... and Leeloo family cyborg cat

Ever since that day I've watched every SF movie that I could lay hands on. After all these years I am still amazed by the worlds inside science fiction movies just as I am amazed by the people and technologies that created them.

Years later when I found a perfect vehicle, unmatched website building platform Solo Build It!, for my mission of exploration of science fiction movies this site was born.

It is a whole new dimension when you can share your passion with people who feel the same way. It is wonderful when someone understands all your levels of geekiness or even better if that person encourages and inspires it. When I found that person, I married him.

He runs under nickname SAndman and since he lend a hand in building Explore-Science-Fiction-Movies.com, we are the dynamic duo behind the scenes. We bounce ideas back and forth for hours while we explore and bring you the best SF movies offer. There is a bit of both of us in every article on this site. Sometimes I am not even sure who wanted to look like Snake Plissken when we were teenagers, him or me. :)

We invite you to join us on this quest of exploring science fiction movies.

Share your reviews, articles, lists, questions and thoughts. Jump in and have fun!

Luckily, this quest never ends........

Happy SF movie exploring!



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