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James Cameron wrote a screenplay for The Abyss. He directed the movie as well. Orson Scott Card wrote a novel of the same title based on a screenplay adding more details concerning the main characters' background and the aliens.

Man Over Radio: I got two more welds on this bypass valve.

Bendix: Oh no, look who's with them. It's Queen Bitch of the Universe.

Bud: Harry, do me a favor. Square away this mud hose. Get rid of these empty sacks. This place is startin' to look like my apartment.

Bud: [over the phone] Brigman here. Yeah, Kirkhill, what's going on? Yeah, I'm calm. I'm a calm person. Is there some reason I shouldn't be calm?....[yelling] WHAT?

Bud: God, I hate that bitch.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: Probably shouldn't have married her then, huh ?

Finler: Y'all shouldn't be down here, sweet thing. Might ruin your stockings.

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Lindsey Brigman:[slamming into Jammer] Hey!! I don't remember putting a wall here. How you doing, Jammer ?

Lindsey Brigman: I was worried about the rig. I've got four years invested in this project.
Bud: Yeah. You only had three years invested in me.
Lindsey Brigman: Well, you have to have priorities.

Lindsey Brigman: There is something down there! Something not us.
Catfish De Vries: You could be more specific.
Bud: [humorously] Somethin' that "zigs".
Lindsey Brigman: Not us. Not human, get it? Something non-human, but intelligent... A non-terrestrial intelligence.
Alan "Hippy" Carnes: A non-terrestrial intelligence. NTIs. Oh man, that's better than UFOs. Oh, but that works too, huh? "Underwater Flying Objects".

Lindsey Brigman: You need me. Nobody knows the systems on this rig better than I do. Once you're disconnected from the Explorer you are on your own for however long this storm lasts. I mean, what if something was to happen after the surface deport clears off? What would you have done?
Bud: Yeah, right. Us poor, dumb old boys would've had to think for ourselves. Coulda been a disaster!

Lindsey Brigman: It's not easy being a cast-iron bitch. It takes discipline, and years of training... A lot of people don't appreciate that.

Bud: [about Lindsey] She didn't leave me. She just left me behind.

Lindsey Brigman: [about the Navy SEALS] These guys are about as much fun as a tax audit.

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Lt. Coffey: It went straight for the warhead, and they think it's cute.

Lindsey Brigman: That's a hundred and ninety-two warheads, Coffey. How powerful are they?
Lt. Hiram Coffey: The M.I.R.V. is a tactical nuke. Uh, fifty kilotons, nominal yield, say... five times Hiroshima.
Lindsey Brigman: Jesus Christ. It's World War Three in a can.

Catfish De Vries: Look, partner, we don't work for you. We don't take orders from you. And we don't much like you.

Bud: [typing] Don't cry baby. Knew this was one way ticket, but you know I had to come. Love you wife.

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