Alien Egg

Alien egg is laid by the alien Queen. It is light gray, though the darker-colored egg also crops up throughout the series, and is about one meter in height. It has a textured semi-transparent membrane (more opaque eggs appear later in the Series). The egg colony is usually enveloped in the blue mist, which likely functions as an alarm sensor to warn the embryos of an intruder.

The egg is the first stage in the xenomorph's life cycle. On the one hand, it is the clearest indication that the species belongs to the reptilian aliens, but on the other hand, the xenomorph demonstrates the characteristics of some other alien types too.

This makes the xenomorph one of hardest alien species to classify. But it also makes it exceptionally versatile and adaptable.

The top of the egg can unfold as it consists of the four meaty flaps which form the sign of cross on the top of the egg when folded.

Alien Egg

In the earlier incarnations the egg appears perfectly stationary, however in Alien Resurrection its entire surface ripples visibly moments before the flaps open.

The egg, possibly due to the triggering mechanism provided by the blue mist, is sensitive to movement. But it also seems sensitive to body heat as well as touch. Once an unsuspecting victim starts fiddling around with it, or simply happens to be close enough, the next stage begins momentarily.

The Facehugger

The Chestburster

The Queen

Adult Xenomorph

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