Alien Facehugger

Alien facehugger leaps out of the egg and wraps around the victim's face. It has eight digit-like appendages and a segmented tail, which lashes around the victim's breathing apparatus to make the victim open his mouth and "breathe in" the embryo, and can optionally increase the squeeze, if removal is attempted.

The facehugger's underside contains a proboscis-like tube, which it uses to inject the embryo into the victim's windpipe.

The facehugger has no visible eyes or any other other sensory organ, yet it seems perfectly capable of tracking down a victim so it stands to reason to assume that it has some other kind of "sensors". Perhaps, just like the egg, it detects the victim’s heat signature and goes for it.

It is the first stage of the life cycle which has acid for blood. The nature of the acid is unknown, or shall we say, alien. Some have surmised it is some sort of hydrosulphuric acid. "The acid" is a defense mechanism at the stage when the xenomoroph is at its most vulnerable.

It works to great effect in attack mode as well. For instance, the facehugger in Alien movie squirts the acid onto its first human victim's visor and burns its way through its face plate.

"The acid for blood" could be an indication that the creature is designed and engineered in a laboratory.

Facehugger is clearly a parasite, and that of parasitoid variety. Its sole purpose is to find a host and once implantation and gestation is over, and the host has outlived its purpose, it dies in giving birth to the chesthugger. At this and the next stage the xenomorph belongs to the parasitic aliens.

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