Alien Queen

The Alien Queen is female xenomorph capable of laying eggs which makes a debut in Aliens.

Alien Queen

She is much bigger that the warrior xenomorph and has a distinctly fan-like exoskeleton covering her head.

She has two pairs of hands, one pair smaller and the other larger. She lays eggs one at a time but at a great speed through a large segmented ovipositor, or egg-laying organ, supported by an imposing organic platform which looks like insect legs. If necessity dictates it, she can detach herself from the ovipositor and the platform.

In Alien: Resurrection the queen is genetically engineered from the blood cells of Ellen Ripley and grown in the Ripley clone's body, after which she is surgically removed from the host's body.

This makes the new Ripley mentally connected to the queen, and in turn the queen gets human reproductive system, or something disturbingly similar to it, from her human host.

The end result of such cross-hybridization is that the new queen becomes capable to give birth to the Crossbreed, half-human half-alien.

She is exceptionally protective of her eggs yet on a number of occasions seems perfectly willing to sacrifice warrior xenomorphs to achieve strategic advantage.

She exhibits instances of higher intelligence as evidenced in the scenes in which she navigates her way through the Weyland-Utani colony base and instantly learns how to run an elevator.

She is extremely vindictive and by far stronger than the warrior xenomorph. However, she is vulnerable to fire, and likely to fire arms, and doesn't seem to have particularly enjoyed the rough and tumble with the intrepid Ripley ensconced in the power loader.

Even as embryo the queen has a comparatively longer gestation period than the warrior xenomorph as shown in Alien3.

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