Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

I saw Aliens vs Predator - Requiem, the other day, and guess what? I've seen some dumb disgusting movies in my time, but this one takes the prize. And I love it!

Review by SAndman
January 27, 2009

Director: Colin Strause and Greg Strause

screenplay: Shane Salerno

Steven Pasquale as Dallas Howard
Ariel Gade as Molly O'Brien
Reiko Aylesworth as Kelly O'Brien
John Ortiz as Sheriff Eddie Morales
Johnny Lewis as Ricky Howard

Released: 2007

Darcy Benson: The government doesn't lie to people.

In a nutshell, it looks like Michael Moore on acid making a SF/slasher movie.

For starters, it has lots of guns, which don't solve anything, as guns never do (Unless they are really big guns!!!); the government which was in on it the whole time, well, maybe not the whole government, but only a rogue element, read, Dick Cheney, or Colonel Stevens in this movie; bunch of teenagers on testosterone and bad pizza dressing; the local sheriff who follows the rules when we all know the only way to win at this game is by breaking the rules; and two classic and my very own favorite baddies - the Alien and the Predator, plus the newest and baddest show in town, the Crossbreed!

I won't say anything else except that you just gotta see this incredibly funny, politically incorrect movie.

And if ever, while watching Aliens vs Predator - Requiem, you think that you might just be dreaming, and in your dream you suddenly found yourself inside one of Clive Barker's books which he dared not write, the racy ones about the adventures of Scarry Blotter, the transvestite jedi knight who uses the Secret coded in the Gospel of Judas to fight an invasion of ESP penguins from the Dimension X, bent on conquering the Earth and creating the Fourth Reich, in which the safe sex will be banned, as well as the sex out of wedlock, or any kind of sex, don't be fooled!

It is real. As a matter of fact, it is happening before your very offended eyes.

Yes, that's right. Somebody made a movie in which a monster pays a visit to a pediatric ward. At last!

Somebody made a movie in which there's a knockout blonde who so blissfully plays the part and dies a most gruesome death for it. And I say, it was about time!

Somebody made a movie in which a character says with a dead pan face, "People are dying. We need guns."

A movie in which the military wipes out an entire Midwest town!

I better stop now. I don't want to give away gems like these. So, if you feel in the mood for some quintessential crud, go ahead and sink your teeth into this piece of maggoty flesh. I dare you.

Aliens vs Predator - Requiem could hardly be referred to as SF in the strictest sense, just as it could hardly be referred to as, ahem, a movie in the strictest sense. If anything, it is a statement. Of what? You may ask. A statement that there are still some brave and noble souls out there who won't be kowtowed by PC, or hemmed in by the prosaic boundaries of taste and reason.

Plot? Characters? Plot don't matter, hon. Characters don't matter either. It's all inside you (and when I say you I mean, me) right under your skin. Peel it off and you'll see all the demented zombies of a whole generation of movie goers howling for a way to get out, all the banshees of cheap thrills keening in the black wind blowing from the barren hills of Hollywood.

I just said Aliens vs Predator - Requiem, is a statement. I should add, it is also a state of mind. Absolutely gross, fascinatingly dumb, misogynistic, anti-gun, pro-gun, mind blowing, mind imploding, IQ dropping. A piece of genuine brazen shit.

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