An Interview with Designer and
Up-and-coming Filmmaker Felix Berner

MANKIND was Felix Berner's first project and recently he introduced us to his second one – short SF movie RAM - FUTURE IS BAD. Naturally, we could not resist to ask him a few questions and share the answers with you. Enjoy!

RAM - poster

1) Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the movie business?

I have a degree in design. I studied design for many years. During that time I decided to start making films as well 'cause I'm in love with Sci-Fi movies and the American cinema.

2) When we last heard from you in 2011, you were busy working on the movie MANKIND. (It is scheduled for release in the summer. Congratulations! :) Could you tell us what has happened since?

MANKIND is a kind of a troubled child - it was a mistake to shoot the complete movie in front of Green screen. 5 CGI artists quit their work 'cause it was impossible for them to create 100 photo realistic backgrounds.

I was forced to create the backgrounds, alone, in Photoshop. The results are great. However, I have to invest my complete spare time to realize this project while fighting against daily heavy burn out! This is the reason for the delay!

3) Is there an official site for MANKIND where our readers can learn more about it? Perhaps watch a trailer?

Take a look and stay tuned:

4) Your latest project is a short movie called RAM - FUTURE IS BAD. Tell us more about it - what inspired it, how did you choose your topic and its style?

I was inspired by Blade Runner and Cloverfield. Many years ago, as a musician, I created a track called: RAM - Future is Bad. (You are able to listen it on soundcloud.)

RAM - dossier

Last year it was necessary for me to take a little break from working on MANKIND.

I listened to my songs to get new motivation and some inspiration.

Suddenly my RAM track appeared and while I was listening to it - there was a kind of vision - I realized how to fill my new free time.

I decided to shoot a dirty, evil, post apocalyptic Sci-Fi short with a sort of cyborgs/machines and a young naive policeman.

I casted some native speaking friends and started shooting RAM. I shot the complete movie in front of Green screen AND in my own apartment. To save money, I re-decorated it into a dirty Sci-Fi room.

Cast: Alexander Kerber as Policeman John Davis, Sebastian Willekens as Transmission and Felix Berner as Camera Unit Mike.
Directed by Felix Berner
Music by Thomas Barrandon

5) What was challenging for you while working on this SF short movie?

The challenges were the dirty and dark tech-noir style, the creation of the synthetic victim and the authentic Sci-Fi apartment.

RAM - room

6) How long did it take to finish RAM - FUTURE IS BAD?

6 months. :)

7) What made you passionate about SF movies in the first place? Which SF movies influenced you and which are your favorite ones?

I'm totally in Love with the old 80's Sci-Fi Movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Blade Runner, Moon 44, The Thing and Terminator.

8) What advice would you give to upcoming filmmakers who are about to make their first SF movie?

Just do what you want to do. I'm not an expert. I just do it 'cause I have to do it. I dream in movies, think in movies and have to create movies. Just do what you want. Live your dreams! You can realize all with NO MONEY - but you have to invest time and you have to fight burn outs. And if you believe in your dream - you can reach it.

9) What is your next project?

To finish MANKIND and travel around the world. :D

We want to thank Felix for taking the time to share his film-making experience with us!

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