Give me back my planet, dude!
- Ancient Aliens Part Two

Some ancient aliens in science fiction movies presumably chanced upon Earth, and liked what they had found so much that they decided to stay, and eventually they turned the planet into their stomping ground. Others simply happened to be passing by when something went wrong - a glitch in their navigational instruments or some such.

Either way, here they are and we must learn how to come to terms with them. If we are to believe what science fiction movies keep telling us, some ancient aliens can be a major pain in the--you know what.

Tyrants and Overlords (and their pets) among
Ancient Aliens

Alien vs. Predator

Among the Ancient Visitors surely one of the most prominent places belongs to Reptilian Humanoid, aka the Predator, who visited Earth thousands of years ago. They were worshiped as gods - the first gods?! - and taught humans how to build monumental structures.

These pyramid-like structures were then used as the aliens' playground, as well as a super-powerful deep freezer for keeping their favorite game on ice. To add to the excitement, once the hunt begins, the pyramids rearrange themselves shifting the layout of corridors and chambers.

It makes you wonder about the energy that powers these buildings. Could it be nuclear energy? Cold fusion? Or some as yet unknown form of energy mastered and utilized by this far-advanced alien civilization.

Apart from creating the first human civilization, these ancient aliens were also responsible for destroying it. Or if you have ever asked yourself whether there was any truth to the myth of the Atlantis, here is finally the explanation, of sorts.

Xenomorph is the Predator's favorite plaything. One of the deadliest (the deadliest?!) beings in the creation. If the Reptilian Humanoid was the first god/ guardian/ protector/ our ancestors have known, could it be that its adversary was the first...fiend? And later on served as model for demons, devils, and generally all the malevolent gods that have haunted our racial imagination since the dawn of time?

Ra from Stargate

The creature from this movie was worshiped as god Ra by ancient Egyptians. The alien belonged to a dying species which scoured the universe looking for ways to prolong its life. Then it came across a backwater planet and found a simply built life form living there. It took over a young man and went on to subjugate our ancestors.

It made them build ring-shaped artifacts of stone, the so-called stargates, artificial wormholes in spacetime which served as a highway between planets and galaxies. Then a rebellion broke out on Earth and the stargate was buried for eons. Until one day...

Ancient Aliens - Transformers

Decepticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Decepticons proved to be the ultimate baddass space bullies. Luckily for us, Autobots, guided by the moral imperative to preserve any planet that harbors life, waged a war on them, creating an eon-long rift among their own kind. The Earth becomes a battleground of one of the most epic conflicts of all time.

Chance Visitors among Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens - The Thing

Alien from the movie The Thing

Nobody knows what brought this fella to our planet. Be that as it may, it wound up buried in the ice of Antarctica at least a hundred thousand years. Then a team of scientists dug it up at the end of the 20th century. Once awake, it proved nasty and unstoppable.

The creature attacks in the dark and it needs to be alone to its victim. Within hours it wreaks havoc upon a scientific base before it meets its match. The maverick and screw-the-rules chopper pilot with a penchant for J&B and computer chess. Their duel might decide the fate of mankind.

Ancient Aliens - The Mutant Chronicles

Ancient Aliens from Mutant Chronicles

At the end of the Ice Age the Machine came to Earth from space. Why and where did it come from? Who knows?

What remained recorded in the Chronicles of Mutants, a holly book belonging to an ancient monastic order, was that the Machine was evil and it turned men into vicious, blood-thirsty mutants until our ancestors united under one leader and vanquishing the Machine's sinister servants sealed it away deep in an underground safe.

The war in the 28th century broke the seal of the safe. Momentarily the Machine started churning out a new generation of mutants bent on destruction.

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