Earthlings meet mighty Ancient Astronauts
- Ancient Aliens Part One

Have you heard about the ancient astronauts? You know, the aliens that supposedly visited the Earth eons ago. Apparently, they jump-started the rise of consciousness in humans and generally did many extra-ordinary things.

Ancient astronauts built cyclopean structures and left traces of their visit(s) scattered all over our planet and beyond - it's just that not many of us mortals can recognize these traces for what they are! What's more, they served as models for gods and heroes endowed with superhuman abilities.

It is a bold and thought-provoking idea, not to mention utterly disconcerting, and it has fascinated generations of movie makers and movie goers alike. So much so that you can almost map out a whole new alternate history, plus rewrite Darwin's theory of evolution, based on the movies that deal with this topic.

Oh boy, what a history class that would be!

It makes sense to begin with Guides and Guardians. All the great stories tell us that there are powerful forces in this universe inimical to life. So naturally there had to be equally powerful forces which nurtured and protected life.

Ancient Astronauts - Mondoshawan

Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element

In the beginning there was the Ultimate Evil - the enemy of life - and there were the Mondoshawan. The legend has it that every five thousand years the Ultimate Evil returns. And the Mondoshawan have always been there to guard and defend life using the mystical weapon based on the four known elements and the elusive Fifth Element.

In 1914, an archeological expedition in Egypt - a place clearly favored by many ancient astronauts - comes across a relic of ancient civilization. Presently they are faced with a crew of Mondoshawan, who have to Earth to collect the four elements, which have been kept safe in a secret chamber inside of a pyramid. Before leaving the Mondoshawan make a pledge that when the day comes they will return to save mankind from its doom.

Ancient Astronauts - 2001

The Monolith from 2001 - A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact

This is likely one of the most iconic ancient aliens of all time. Actually, it is an artifact, actually a super-computer, of an ancient and advanced alien civilization.

We encounter it at the most important evolutionary crossroads. From the savanahs of Africa to space travel, this silent and enigmatic guardian has been there watching over us.

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2010 - The Year We Make Contact
The Fifth Element
Outlander 2001

Ancient Astronauts - Knowing

Ancient Aliens from Knowing

Who knows where they come from and how long they have been around? But we do know that they inspired some of the more colorful chapters of the Bible.

They wield tremendous psychic powers, though they apparently refrain from meddling in human affairs. However, they decide to contact some of us when the destruction of the earth seems imminent and organize a rescue mission for the few gifted who can pick up their mental signal.

Ancient Astronauts - Outlander

Kainan from Outlander

In the year 709AD alien spaceship crashlands smack dab in the middle of a lake in Norway. The ship contains a man (is he really a man or simply an alien who chose to take semblance of man?!) from another galaxy and an elusive predator from his world.

Instantly Kainan discovers that the deadly creature has escaped and made it for the woods. Following its trail of destruction, Kainan stumbles into local tribesmen and, after the usual fracas, an unlikely alliance between the ancient astronaut and the Norsemen is made.

The planet Mars has always held sway over human imagination. So it is no surprise that Ancient Aliens from Mars feature so prominently in movies.

Life-seeders from Mission To Mars

Could it be that the life on Earth originated on... Mars? The first manned mission to Mars discovers something strange and presently the crew breaks contact with the Earth. The rescue mission is promptly put together.

Once they reach Mars and make landing they encounter an alien-made object on the planet's surface. And the question is, how do they get inside?

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Quatermass and the Pit
Mission to Mars

Ancient Astronauts - Quatermass and the Pit

Ancient aliens from Quatermass and the Pit

They visited Earth long before our ancestors left the trees. They rounded up a few specimens and tampered with their brains. These uplifted primates had larger craniums and evolved following a parallel yet different path to that of human ancestors.

Could it be that all vagaries and antagonisms in the human nature come down to this fundamental inter-species gap created by extra-terrestrials? Furthermore, why is it that all our representations of evil, regardless of culture, feature basically the same creatures which bear a striking resemblance to these ancient astronauts?

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