Cherry 2000

Movie Cherry 2000 is an unusual love story. In it you will find a romantic guy, a cute blond, a redhead bounty hunter with big guns, car chases, desert gangs, and an adventure that puts them in each others way. I did say, "an unusual love story". :)

Review by Wasa
July 27, 2011

Cherry 2000 Movie

Director: Steve De Jarnatt

story: Lloyd Fonvielle
screenplay: Michael Almereyda

Melanie Griffith as E. Johnson
David Andrews as Sam Treadwell
Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000
Ben Johnson as Six Fingered Jake
Tim Thomerson as Lester
Brion James as Stacy
Michael C. Gwynne as Slim
Laurence Fishburne as Glu Glu Lawyer

Released: 1987

Tagline: She's Blond, Beautiful and Forever Young.

The year is 2017 and Sam Treadwell, a romantic guy, is a lucky man. He has a good job and a girlfriend, a cute blond, who indulges his every whim, his darling Cherry.

Romantic that he is, Sam is a bit of an oddity in this dystopian world where everything that can be recycled is recycled and where pleasure robot models of the past cater to the needs of a population who regard sex as a mere business deal - naturally, the presence of a lawyer is compulsory.

One evening after a candle-lit dinner rounded off with a dystopian variant of haute cuisine - highlighted by hamburger, fries and wine - Sam and Cherry end up on a wet kitchen floor in a passionate embrace. Soap bubbles and hot water prove too much for Cherry. Suddenly sparks start to shoot from her neck as she blows some vital circuitry and "dies". It turns out she is a humanoid robot, Cherry 2000.

Sam is devastated when repairman Slim (check out the Gort and Robby the Robot in his shop) tells him the damage is too severe and beyond repair.

There is a solution, though: he just has to find a new robot body, stick Cherry's personal chip into it and voila! He has his robot babe back. Easy as it sounds, it is not exactly a walk in the park.

As I mentioned, robots of the past, and especially the Cherries, are hard to come by so Slim refers Sam to a tracker E. Johnson, a redhead bounty hunter with big guns, to assist him in this quest. The two embark on the dangerous mission across wasteland and into the Zone 7 to find a place, affectionately called the Graveyard, where the old robots might still be found.

But, as it usually goes, at the end of the road, Sam will find something he did not expect.

The movie is nicely structured. Cherry 2000 is a grand price and we learn about her from flashbacks - Sam's memories he cannot let go. When you see how he holds on to them and guards her chip you cannot help but root for the poor schmuck and hope that will get to find his Cherry. But not for long.

When sparks start to fly between Sam and E. Johnson the inevitable question arises: "Who will/should he choose?" I simply adore how, at the end, the answer becomes (painfully) obvious.

The gang and their leader Lester (Tim Thomerson) are not your basic post-apocalyptic movie gang. I'll just say that Lester has a motto "Life is an adventure" and encourages his gang "to be themselves". One can imagine he has stashed a pile of self-improvement books under his mattress. And the party-colored shirts they wear! What a site. Tim Thomerson is great in this role.

Melanie Griffith, may not be my first choice for the role of a tough gun-toting lady, she is good choice for E. Johnson. Although her character handles big guns and fast car with ease, her soft voice gives the character gentleness which makes her all the more endearing. Perfect choice for Sam Treadwell (I honestly doubt he could handle someone more tougher than that).

Music is written by Basil Poledouris, who wrote music for movies such as Conan the Barbarian, RoboCop, Starship Troopers, White Fang. It is well worth checking out.

Cherry 2000 is kind the movie that grows on you and, despite its flaws, it's hard not to love. It has a certain easy going charm, lovable characters and subtle humor, which makes it one of my favorite B movies of the 1980's.

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