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When I watch cyborgs in SF movies and all those cool things they can do with their cyborg implants, I honestly wish I could have one, implant, I mean.

I don't envy the speed or strength such-and-such enhancement gives to its owner. Nor the ability to punch through a thick wall - which would otherwise result in breaking every involved bone instead of breaking the wall - but I do wish for the ability to download lots of data I need straight into my brain and not forgetting them as soon as I walk out the door.

This cyborg implant of mine does not have to be anything fancy. I would settle for some tiny brain implant or port, something like those plugs you can find in the Matrix universe.

Imagine having the perfect recollection of every book you read or every piece of music you heard! Or the power to learn fast the things you don't like, and still have enough time to explore things you do like. I would love that! Especially during examination period at college.

Of course, in the Matrix universe people can do much more with their seemingly simple "plugs". They can hook themselves into computer networks, download information or use different programs and be part of virtual worlds. Learning becomes a piece of cake, even the knowledge that otherwise needs years of practice like martial arts or piloting a helicopter.

The fact that machines hard-wire people with these cyborg implants so that they could hook them into virtual world and control their every thought and feeling, while they collect the bio energy produced by human bodies, overshadows certain benefits.

In order to experience the benefits, a person must be outside the Matrix, and getting out of this system is not the easiest thing to do. So if we take the machines which want to enslave the human race out of the equation, having this kind of plug wouldn't be bad at all.

eXistenZ - cyborg implants

People can do something similar with the bio-ports in the movie eXistenZ. One can attach a game pod to her/his bio-port, and in an instant step into a virtual world of a chosen game and even become a character in it.

The bio-port is injected directly into the spine by a hydro-gun. It is not a difficult procedure, and it seems that you can get a bio-port at just about any gas station. Easy as pie. Then again, once you start watching the movie you'll soon realize that nothing is easy and simple in the deceptive world of eXistenZ.

Cyborg movies also feature miniature recording devices, microchips and memory implants.

For instance, Johnny Mnemonic has a silicon implant with a capacity of 80Gb, which he can double to 160Gb if necessary. He can jack in through a port in his head and download or upload data. As we see in the movie this kind of silicon memory can be overloaded and if that happens the carrier dies instantly.

In the movie The Final Cut people have memory chips called Zoe Implants, which they get as babies if their parents can afford it. These cyborg implants record everything a person sees and hears during his life. Zoe Implants can be recovered after the person’s death. The family can edit and watch the recorded material as a movie. Usually at special occasions, like family reunions...or funerals.

In Manchurian Candidate we get to see all kinds of microchips and brain implants. They are used to manipulate the people's perception of themselves and the world around them, and to change their personalities.

Besides brain implants and ports, cyborg movies also show a variety of artificial body parts, even morbid ones.

In Dune, one of the powerful houses, the Harconens have the custom of installing a heart plug in every member of their clan. This plug has just one purpose: when it is pulled out, the man dies. Not exactly an implant I would want to have.

In cyborg movies scientists, doctors, and programmers save bad hearts, dying people or revive the dead ones using artificial body parts and mechanical devices to replace damaged limbs or parts of brain. These cyborg implants are fully integrated in the body. Of course, even the simplest among them are much stronger than human muscles and bones and give their carrier extra strength or speed.

The fun begins when they are equipped with some extras like weaponry or if they can be detached and replaced with another tool or mobile unit. Here are some of the cyborgs who have these kinds of enhancements: Darth Vader, Mandroid John, Pinky, detective Spooner, Robocop, Mean.

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