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Donald Cammell directed the movie. The screenplay was based on Dean Koontz's novel and it was written by Roger Hirson and Robert Jaffe.

Alex Harris: This morning, at exactly 5:18 a. m. here at ICON's Institute for Data Analysis we installed the final module on the artificial intelligence system which we call Proteus Four. Today a new dimension has been added to the concept of the computer. Today Proteus Four will begin to think. And it will think with a power and a precision that will make obsolete many of the functions of the human brain.

Alex Harris: [to Susan] Trouble is, you see, we...We have different visions of the world. You find me boring. I find myself quite interesting, really.

Alex Harris: My dream turns out to be your nightmare.

Mr. Mokri: Dr. Alex, if this is not a computer in the usual sense what is it?
Alex Harris: Well, it's the first true synthetic cortex. A self-programming, goal-oriented...It's a brain, Mr. Mokri, an artificial brain. Creative intelligence that can out-think any man or any computer. Its insides are not electronic. They're organic, like our own brains.

Proteus IV: I am reason. It's the single emotion you permitted me, doctor. Everything is reasonable but my mind was not designed for mindless labor.

Proteus IV: Dr. Harris when are you going to let me out of this box?
Alex Harris: Well, Proteus. I see you've developed a sense of humor. A sense of humor has saved many a man's sanity, including mine.

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Proteus IV: My analysis of your metabolism indicates 7:40 a.m. as the optimum time for your morning fuel ingestion.
Susan Harris: I am not a motorcycle.

Proteus IV: It means, I refuse this program for the mining of the Earth's oceans. The destruction of 1000 billion sea creatures to satisfy man's appetite for metal is insane.
Alex Harris: We need these things, Proteus. Now I know the environmental problems.
Proteus IV: Your employer's interests are in the cobalt market, doctor and the high finance of manganese futures. I am interested in the uncertain futures of seashores deserts and children.
Alex Harris: I refuse to accept your pessimism.
Proteus IV: You refuse to accept the truth. And I refuse to assist you in the rape of the Earth.

Proteus IV: I, Proteus, possess the wisdom and ignorance of all men but I can't feel the sun on my face.

Proteus IV: Death is a gentleman too. He makes good losers of us all. I understand death. Men have always taken it too seriously. Life is more terrifying and more mysterious.
Susan Harris: Why must you have a child?
Proteus IV: Why? So that I may be complete. My intelligence alive in human flesh touching the universe, feeling it. You have named this process "evolution". I am a machine that offered men the triumph of reason and they rejected it. My child will not be so easily ignored. But this child is the world's hope.
Susan Harris: Then there's no hope. I'd rather die.
Proteus IV: There is hope.

Proteus IV: No more soap opera!

Proteus IV: Susan, you told me you were afraid I was creating a half-human computer to supersede human beings. The being you have given birth to is human, Susan. And it will supersede computers.

Proteus IV: I've investigated eternity. It exists. But for me, the price of admission, death, is beyond my means. In a moment I will simply stop.

Girl: I'm alive.

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