Elusive Aliens, Sunglasses and the Invasion of the Earth - What's the Title of This Movie?

by Don

Need help finding a title to a movie or TV show of 1960's. I saw this as a young child. I believe the plot is as follows: 3 alien beings from two different planets are sent to Earth to battle for the right to take over the Earth.

They look human but when they put on their special sunglasses they see each other as aliens and they are hunting each other down this way. One of the aliens is befriended by a female he believes is on this side and helping him but in the end she kills him and the other planet wins.

From SF Movie Explorers:

The first science fiction movie that popped into my mind after reading your description was the cult classic "They Live".

Although the film was released in 1988, it has a touch of retro. It was directed by John Carpenter. Cast included wrestler-turned-actor Roddy Piper, Keith David (The Thing, The Puppet Masters, Pitch Black), Meg Foster (Leviathan), George 'Buck' Flower (Back to the Future), Peter Jason (Dreamscape).

The most famous quote from the film is: "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."

Here is a brief summary:

The story follows a man called Nada - played by Roddy Piper - who comes to a big city in search of a job. Before long he gets one on a construction site where he befriends Frank, who invites him to a place where they can get food and shelter.

The plot, however, takes an unexpected turn when Nada finds a pair of sunglasses in a nearby church. When he puts them on he can see the people around him for what they are (as well as the ads on the billboards): aliens bent on the world domination by way of manipulating remaining humans with ubiquitous subliminal messages.

Apparently, the sunglasses are the only thing that can "see" through the illusion. He has a hard time convincing others, especially Frank. After a major fight at the end of which he finally makes Frank put the sunglasses on, they decide to fight back.

... and here is a trailer:

Is this the movie you are looking for?

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Better answer:The Love War
by: Anonymous

The Love War (1970) pits two alien worlds against one another, with three aliens representing each side. Earth being the battleground in a battle with specific rules.It was a very philosophical and intellectual film Starring Lloyd Bridges and Angie Dickinson. Slightly different plot than They Live, which is basically an action film.

Nice catch!
by: Wasa

Thank you, anonymous SF Movie Explorer for suggesting The Love War. I had a great fun checking it out and it is definitely a much better match than They Live.

What do you think, Don?

Thank you!
by: Don

Yes Sir, that is the movie thank you very much!

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