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Here are some free SF movies from the 1970s and some newest ones made as recently as 2005.

Battles with aliens and viruses, disaster movies and post-apocalypse worlds are waiting for you.

Here are also two movies made by science fiction enthusiasts - one Star Wars movie and another Star Trek and Babylon 5 parody.



SF horror

Directors: Ralph Nelson

Barbara Carrera, Rock Hudson, Diane Ladd, Roddy McDowall

End of the World

End of the World

SF mystery/thriller

Directors: John Hayes

Christopher Lee, Sue Lyon, Kirk Scott, Dean Jagger


Prof. Andrew Boran comes across a strange transmission from outer space. When he finds another one coming from Earth, he decides to investigate.

War of the Planets

War of the Planets (Anno zero - guerra nello spazio)


Directors: Alfonso Brescia

John Richardson, Yanti Somer, Katia Christine, West Buchanan


Virus/Day of Resurrection (Fukkatsu no hi)

SF drama/horror

Directors: Kinji Fukasaku

Edward James Olmos, George Kennedy, Sonny Chiba, Robert Vaughn, Henry Silva

Reign of the Fallen

Reign of the Fallen

SF action

Directors: David McLeavy

Maureen Isern, Carlos Acuña, David McLeavy, Jason Updike

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

SF action/comedy

Directors: Timo Vuorensola

Samuli Torssonen, Timo Vuorensola, Antti Satama, Atte Joutsen, Karoliina Blackburn

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