Grig - A Star Navigator Among The
Reptilian Aliens

Any list of reptilian aliens would be incomplete without Grig, played by Dan O'Herlihy, from the 80's science fiction movie The Last Starfighter.

He is a star navigator first class in a Rylan Star League army. He sports a uniform and shoes, which leaves only his head and three-fingered hands exposed to give proof of his reptilian heritage.

His hands and his face are covered with brown, smooth scutes of different sizes and shapes which presumably cover the rest of his body as well. He has no visible tentacles. Top of his head is covered with helmet like scute which resembles a small turtle-like shell.

In one scene this reptilian alien mentions that he lives on a rocky planet in underground caves. He has a "wife-oid" and 6000 "griglings".

Speaking of family, this enthusiastic alien is my imaginary grandpa. Sound strange? Well, I do have a fervent imagination, but I never knew either of my grandfathers. They both had died before I was born and I missed them terribly.

When I thought of what kind of grandfather I wished I had I always imagined someone like Grig, minus the scutes, that is. So when I fist saw the movie The Last Starfighter as a kid I adopted him for my imaginary grandpa right off the bat. He fitted the bill perfectly. The fact that he was a reptilian alien lent extra coolness to this choice.

But seriously, who wouldn't like a grandpa like him?

At first glance he may look scary - being an humanoid reptilian alien - but he is big hearted, friendly extraterrestrial.

He is senselessly brave and, and he himself admits, he has always wanted to "fight a desperate battle against incredible odds". He navigates a spaceship, Gunstar and flies with Starfighters!

He is also a great teacher. When Alex Rogan arrives after Xur's attack on military base at Rylos, he takes him under his wings. As they prepare "to defend the frontier against Xur and Ko-dan armada", our star navigator has little time to bring forth a starfighter buried somewhere deep in the confidence-lacking Alex.

He brings Alex around with patience, encouragement and with gentle and not so gentle nudges. Although he strives to show Alex what the young man is capable of, he leaves Alex to make decisions for himself.

All this he does with zest, humor, optimism and sense of adventure. Not to mention his peculiar deep, throaty, part hiss part cough-like laughter.

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