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Famous Innerspace movie quotes and dialogs:

Joe Dante directed the movie. Jeffrey Boam and Chip Proser wrote the screenplay based on Chip Proser's story. Innerspace won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Tuck Pendleton: Hell, the most excitement I ever had was the time I landed a crippled F-14 with a stubborn nose gear on the deck of a rolling flattop in zero visibility.

Rusty: And give that 'crippled Tomcat' story a rest. We've all heard it!
Tuck Pendleton: Oh, gosh... I'm sorry, Rusty, you're right. 'Course, when my moment of glory came, I didn't take a dump down the leg of my flight suit!

Doctor: You know that I am more than your doctor. I'm your friend. You're one of my favorite patients. Let's face it. Your regular office visits are the cornerstone of my entire practice.

Pete Blanchard: Just out of curiosity, who's your guy? Your pilot?
Dr. Niles: You might know him. Pendelton. Tuck Pendelton.
Pete Blanchard: Why did you choose him?
Dr. Niles: He had the right qualifications.
Pete Blanchard: Such as?
Dr. Niles: He was the only one crazy enough to do it.

Tuck Pendleton: [Slaps himself.] How does that feel? Feels good! Now do it again! [Slaps himself again.] The Tuck Pendleton Machine - zero defects!

Tuck Pendleton: Look Ozzie, who's nervous now OK? I know what our objectives are. I've done my homework and I can do this little job blindfolded, so everyone just calm down.

Ozzie: [About miniaturizing equipment.] Be careful of 38-O-8 unit. I spilled coffee on it last week. It's not quite as reliable as it was.

Tuck Pendleton: [Taps a light to fix it.] State of the art.

Tuck Pendleton: [The syringe containing the miniaturized pod is being shaken around in Ozzie's pocket.] Ozzie? Am I being punished?

Ticket seller: Mr. Putter. I certainly envy you. Fun, excitement, relaxation.
Jack Putter: No excitement. Doctor's orders.
Ticket seller: How about a little shipboard romance?
Jack Putter: As long as it isn't too exciting.

Tuck Pendleton: What the hell are these things? Fat cells?

Tuck Pendleton: I'm in a man, I'm in a strange man, I'll be a son of a bitch, I'm in a strange man surrounded by strangers in a strange room!

Tuck Pendleton: Ozzie, what have you done? I can't be inside a man. I studied rabbits!

Jack Putter: Would I be in a doctor's office if I was feeling all right?!?

Tuck Pendleton: I'm in here, inside you! Inside your body!
Jack Putter: Oh, God! Somebody, help me. I'm possessed!

Doctor: We can rule out demonic possession right off the bat.
Jack Putter: But this little voice is talking to me.
Doctor: That proves it. Demons talk through you, not to you.

Doctor: You're experiencing some sort of theistic hysteria.
Jack Putter: How do you treat that?
Doctor: Well, the medieval remedy... was to flay the skin off your body with brands of fire. I have no idea what the current thinking is.

Tuck Pendleton: Oh, no. I'm inside a guy who likes game shows.

Pod Computer Voice: Warning, approaching tricuspid valve of heart. Do not enter! Do not enter heart!

Pete Blanchard: I'll tell you. You threw in with a bunch of eggheads... who know squat about security. Thanks for the hot tip. But don't worry, buddy. We'll do all we can to get you out of this civilian.
Tuck Pendleton: [To Pete Blanchard, just Jack can hear him.] You better, you two-faced son of a bitch!
Jack Putter: Tuck says, "Thank you".

Tuck Pendleton: If you don't help me, you'll end up with this miniaturized pod... floating around your insides with this teeny human skeleton at the helm.
Jack Putter: [Disgusted.] Uck!
Tuck Pendleton: Now isn't that a pretty thought?

Jack Putter: No pain.
Tuck Pendleton: What?
Jack Putter: That's the thing I want from you, no pain. I mean just don't do anything weird in there, don't cause an embolism or an aneurysm - accidentally sever my spinal cord and kinda go "oh sorry". You know what I mean?
Tuck Pendleton: Ok, no pain.
Jack Putter: Thank you.

Tuck Pendleton: We're gonna drink this one to Ozzie. A good man who tried to save my ass by injecting me into yours.

Tuck Pendleton: When things are at their darkest, pal, it's a brave man that can kick back and party.

Tuck Pendleton: The Jack Putter Machine, zero defects. [Leans back and sighs, to himself.] God help us.

Tuck Pendleton: [To Jack.] Don't let her take control over the conversation. Be aggressive. Dominate her. Don't be a wuss-puss. Be me.

Guy in restroom: [To Jack who talks while urinating.] Play with it, pal, but don't talk to it.

Victor Scrimshaw: Nuclear weapons, Jack. They mean nothing. Everybody's got them, no-one has the balls to use them. Am I right? Space, you say? Space is a flop, didn't you know that? An endless junkyard of orbiting debris. Ah, but...miniaturization, Jack. That's the ticket. That's the edge that everybody's been looking for. Who will have that edge, Jack? What country will control miniaturization? Frankly, I don't give a shit - I'm only in this for the money! And that's why, Jack, we've got to get that little pod out from inside of you!

Tuck Pendleton: This guy is definitely not operating on all eight cylinders, Jack.

Tuck Pendleton: I'm going to alter your face.
Jack Putter: Alter my face? How do you do that?
Tuck Pendleton: It's complicated. I don't understand it myself. Just trust me.

Jack Putter: [Repeats Tuck's words to Lydia.] Lydia. I don't blame you for walking out on me that morning. But it was my heart that was broken, not my toe. What?

Victor Scrimshaw: Once he takes over the pod and gets the chip - let's re-enlarge.
Dr. Margaret Canker: While still inside Mr. Putter?!
Victor Scrimshaw: Why not?
Dr. Margaret Canker: Have you any idea the kind of mess that would make?

Tuck Pendleton: I don't want to worry you or anything, Jack, but I saw something in here. I don't know, it's probably benign...
Jack Putter: A tumor? You saw a tumor? How big is it?
Tuck Pendleton: You're asking the wrong guy, Jack, from my point of view it looks like it's about the size of Candlestick Park.
Jack Putter: Great, there goes my ulcer...
Tuck Pendleton: Keep it coming Jack, okay, pal, here is how I spell relief, Jack, you just digested the bad guy. [Jack burps loudly.]

[Reads the options on computer, to enlarge a person.]
Jack Putter: Eat me, drink me? What is that? From The Exorcist? No, Alice in Wonderland! Alice she drank something to be big and ate something to be small.

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