Johnny Mnemonic Movie Quotes

Famous Johnny Mnemonic movie quotes and dialogs:

Robert Longo directed the movie. William Gibson wrote the screenplay, it is loosely based on his short story of the same title.

Lady: Where is home, Johnny?
Johnny: Home? Would you believe I don't even know?

J-Bone: Snatch back your brain, zombie, and hold it!

Scientist: You are Mister...
Johnny: Smith.
Scientist: You are late.
Johnny: Right.

Johnny: Motion detector. In case the natives get restless.

Takahashi: We are Yakuza! I am always available.

J-Bone: Make your own images, get your life back! The human race is waiting for you, zombies!

Ralfi: Not on the head! Don't tell me you hit him on the head?!

Johnny: What'd they upload, Ralfi? The goddamn Library of Congress? Feels like my brain's gonna explode.

Shinji: These days, you see...dead men can tell tales.

Bodyguard: I'll slit his fucking throat, bitch.
Jane: So? The other guy's gonna cut his whole head off.

Jane: How come they want to cut off your head? Usually they just off people around here.

Takahashi:[looking at a tatoo on the man's chest whom he just killed] What does this mean?
Shinji: It's Japanese...
Takahashi: It's misspelled.

Jane: How do you fit all that shit in your head anyway? Must have been pretty good at memorizing, huh?
Johnny: Implant. Wet-wired. I had to dump a chunk of long-term memory.
Jane: You had to dump a chunk of what?
Johnny: My childhood.
Jane: Your childhood? Really? All of it? You can't remember a thing?
Johnny: Maybe there's some residual traces. Every now and then there's something, but I can never hold onto it.
Jane: That's a seriously weird-ass thing to do.
Johnny: Maybe I didn't lose anything I wanted to keep. I needed the space for the job.
Jane: You got parents and stuff?
Johnny: You got parents and stuff?

Johnny: I used to have a summer job... breaking and entering.

Street Preacher: You need someone brought to Jesus...or to you?
Takahashi: Only one part. His head.

Jane: Man owes me 50 thou', and he's scamming my phone card.
Johnny: And it's still our first date.

Street Preacher: I, too, was stricken by the sickness that devours the silver pathways of the soul. But the Lord came to me and I was healed! And made post-human!

Spider: If you're not expected, you're not invited.

Johnny: Everybody and his mother is trying to kill me...if my head doesn't blow up first.

J-Bone: Bounce it off the satellites that Jones hacks for us. Way the navy got him hooked up...he cuts through hard encryption like a knife through butter.
Johnny: Code breaker. I can't wait to meet him.

J-Bone: The only way is to hack your own brain.

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