Cyborg Mean from the movie Judge Dredd

Cyborg Mean and his family of robbers live in "the cursed earth", a planet-wide strip of desert, traversed by bands of raving nuts, which surrounds a few pockets of law and order called Mega Cities in the Judge Dredd movie.

The cyborg, his "pa" and two brothers make up the notorious Angel family, who prey on all those foolhardy enough to traverse "the cursed earth".

He has a steel dome with a dial on the front. The dial has four speeds which correspond to four moods from angry to out of control. Apparently the dial occasionally gets stuck and causes the fella to black out.

His favorite way of attack is headbutting, which can sometimes backlash, especially when he's confronted with a smarter and faster opponent. On these occasions he usually winds up crashing his head up against hard solid objects.

Apart from the dial and dome, he also has other cybernetic implants, such as an artificial right arm equipped with a vicious blade, which he uses for slashing and stabbing.

He and his family are cannibals. However, they are extremely picky when it comes to their choice meal - their victims have to be pure of heart, that is, they must produce evidence that they are uncorrupted by the moral degradation which the overzealous family associate with Mega City.

What we see in the movie is just a tip of the iceberg. The comic book story arc provides much more detail on this character. As it happens, Mean was not always mean. A bit of a black sheep in this family of very black sheep, he was once nice - though it is pretty hard to define "nice" when it comes to the Angel family. Nice as in 'I'll break you spine like a twig and rip your limbs off your trunk, but I won't eat you for dinner' nice? Or nice as in 'wouldn't hurt a fly' nice?

Let's just say it was the latter. Then his disappointed father decided to tamper with the kid's brain. He installed the speed dial into his frontal lobe in order to control his moods, and transformed the once lovable boy (can you imagine this?) into a depraved criminal.

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