Parasitic Alien Invaders from the Movie The Puppet Masters

In the movie The Puppet Masters parasitic alien invaders come in the form of "slugs", as they call them in the movie, but they look more like a ray small enough to fit onto your back. Actually it is one alien which has a thousand smaller parts connected to each other.

When they are attached to humans - using tentacles to penetrate the brain and hooks to link to the spine - they completely control their bodies, they can kill the host and revive it, too.

They can read all of the host's thoughts, emotions and memories, including all the juicy details, and share them with others. Yikes!

No surprise there considering that 60% of their small body is made up of a brain tissue.

When these parasitic aliens are not attached to humans they fold themselves into a black egg-like shape just to reduce transportation expenses. If they are not shipped in boxes they use rivers to relocate their hive and spread.

The hive itself is made from green, brown and yellow organic looking materials. The entrance is covered with tick yellow membrane which opens when touched. These same materials are used inside the hive to separate different sections.

One such section is used for gathering information from alien "slugs". Infected humans from time to time return to the hive where they "upload" - through glowing tubes - every bit of information stored in the host's brain including memories, feelings, desires.

The slugs adapt to the humans but make some changes of their own. They boost the host's temperature and adrenaline production, which makes humans stronger and, won't you know it, sweatier.

As a scientist says in the movie: "Like injecting nitro into a car's fuel line. The car will run faster but the engine will burn out sooner."

If they meet in the street and want to say "hello" they interlace their tentacles and use chemicals to communicate similar to ants.

These parasitic alien invaders can be fought with another, home-grown, parasite: bacterium which attacks the brain tissue. Well, there are some disadvantages if you are just brains...

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