Parasitoid Alien Ceti Eel and Parasitic Centaurian Slug
- Don't Let Them Bug You!

Who needs a lie detector or truth serum when you have a parasitoid alien eel and parasitic space slug on hand.

They may not have exactly fear-inducing names, but you can fit them in any interrogation kit and, believe me they can make a hell of damage.

So let see now...

Ceti Eel

Do you remember this parasitoid alien from the movie Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan?

It lives on planet Ceti Alpha V. Once a flourishing world, teeming with life, until a neighbor planet exploded shifting Ceti Alpha V.'s orbit and changing its landscape into a stormy desert.

Obviously, the alien managed to adapt to the new conditions and survived. Interestingly enough, it is the only non-sentient creature among parasitoid types of aliens, but it is just as tough and dangerous as the rest of them.

The adult alien lives in sand and is dangerous to no one, but on its back, under plates of armor its young ones prepare themselves for a new "home". They are the spitting image of the big mama, but are much much smaller and with softer plates and slimy, so at first glance, they look like, well, eels.

When offspring leaves its parent, the little ones search for a host - for example an unsuspecting human - to slip inside one of his ears and attach itself to the victim's brain.

When they do that humans become very "open to suggestions". When this happens the host can be controlled and manipulated into doing all sorts of mischief- for example, killing James T. Kirk...

And that's not all.

As our parasitoid alien baby grows inside the human brain, the host goes insane and in the end dies a very painful death.

Chances of survival of this parasitoid alien seem to increase if you are a starfleet officer who happens to serve under Captain James T. Kirk. :)

Centaurian Slug

Another example of the revengeful types which populate the Star Trek galaxy is the centaurian slug. You can see one in the newest Star Trek (2009) movie.

The slug is a few inches long and black. Its name doesn't really do it justice as it looks more like a crossbreed between stag beetle and earwig, horn on its head and a pair of "scissors" functioning as a tail.

When a bad guy shoves it into the mouth of an unfortunate victim - in our case, a high ranking starfleet officer - the bug travels around the body until it finds the brain stem. Then it hooks into it and releases a poison which acts like a truth serum. Does anyone have a question about any highly protected, top secret topics? Now's the time to ask!

Fortunately, the Centaurian slug is not as deadly as its cousin above and a person can survive and recover from its intrusion and suffer no apparent after-effect.

This reminds me, with these two fellas, parasitoid alien Ceti eel and parasitic Centaurian slug, around - phrases like "to put a bug in someone's ear" or "ram something down someone's throat" suddenly take on quite a sinister meaning in the Star Trek universe, right? :)

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