Reptilian Humanoids from the Movie The Signs

The reptilian humanoids from The Signs are bent on invading the Earth but one of them makes the mistake of starting off in a small community. Now I could tell you a thing or two about small communities, being raised in one. Small communities generally don't take kindly to intruders, extra-terrestrial or human.

These reptilian aliens are tall, they are fast runners, and high jumpers. They shun water, have claws, and move with slithering motions. Their skin changes color to blend in with the surroundings.

They use the appendages which emerge from base of their wrists to spray a poison gas at its victims.

You know when they are around by the clicking sounds they use to communicate. They love to play outdoors creating all kind of crop circles and shapes in the corn fields, which are actually big maps for their relatives in space.

You just got to navigate that interstellar faster-then-light spaceship somehow, right? :)

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