Robby the Robot at Your Service

Robby the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet would be a very useful addition to every family.

Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet

Apart from English, he speaks "187 other languages along with their various dialects and sub-tongues" and delivers his lines with humor and wit. Besides that he will cook, clean and decorate your room with fresh flowers every day.

Dr. Morbius created him using the technology which he found on planet Altair 4 and which belonged to a much more advanced, but long extinct alien race known as Krell.

Robby is equipped with powerful chemical lab (predecessor of the Star Trek's replicator), built in his upper body, which can reproduce any kind of substance, everything from food and drink to clothes and building blocks even luxurious items like diamonds and sapphires.

Producing 60 gallons of Genuine Kansas City bourbon is a piece of cake for this robot.

He is not fast on his feet, however he is extremely strong. Always ready to serve and guard you, selflessly obedient.

He has a beam which can render useless even weapons from the 23rd century. He is basically used to scare away uninvited monkeys caught stealing fruits.

All this advanced technology with its powerful features might turn out to be dangerous if Robby did not have a built-in failsafe mechanism. Something along the lines of Asimov's laws of robotics. He just can't harm people.

As Dr Morbius explains, after he puts a blaster in Robby's hands and gives him the order to fire at commander Adams, "You see, he's helpless. Locked in a sub-electronic dilemma between my direct orders and his basic inhibitions against harming rational beings...If I were to allow that to continue he would blow every circuit in his body." This holds true even in case when people disguise themselves as strange invisible monsters.

Good-natured and helpful, Robby the Robot is a kind of robot every mom would love to have around and, I am pretty sure, the kids, too, would love such a buddy. Including some of us taller-than-average kids. :)

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