Robotic Spider from the movie Runaway

Spiders scare you? How about deadly robotic spiders?

Killer robots - Robotic Spider

At first glance, the arachnid robot from the movie Runaway does not look intimidating.

As it scurries around on its tiny metal legs it looks more like toy which would make a perfect birthday present for a robot crazy niece or nephew.

But do not let the looks fool you! Its little metallic body hides a few deadly surprises, and in the hands of a criminal Dr. Luther the spiderbot becomes a lethal weapon.

It can be programmed to perform various tasks. It can climb walls, or other vertical surfaces, from which it can launch itself onto its targets. This robot utilizes a powerful acid which it uses to great effect to injure or kill people.

It can spray the acid on the victim's face, or inject it into the victim by way of a steel needle which comes out of the robot's body. And that's not all.

Upon accomplishing its mission, this robot spontaneously bursts into flames and explodes injuring anybody who happens to be in the vicinity or who tries to rescue the robot's hapless victim.

As we see in the movie one of these robots can kill a person. But, hey, why would a villain create just one when he can create an army? Which, of course, he does.

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