Science Fiction Genre And All Its Subgenre Friends

What I love about science fiction genre is that it meshes well with other movie genres and merges elements from each of them into new, interesting and unusual combinations.

You can enjoy great love stories, belly-laughs or be scared out of your wits without ever leaving the science fiction world.

SF movies are all about inspiring, frightening and, often, yes, crazy ideas, possibilities and "what ifs". They explore and approach these ideas from different angels often blending more than one genre to achieve the perfect mixture and maximize fun, emotional and visual impact.

With such a rich plate served to us, we can treat ourselves to awesome movie goodies which match our frame of mind at any one time.

But who would want to walk into a heavy drama, or worse yet a gut-spilling SF horror, when all you yearn for is a relaxing comedy or an uplifting adventure?

So to avoid unpleasant surprises and enhance movie viewing experience...

Here is the selections of science fiction movies which belong to each sub-genre.

You can easily find and choose among hundred of SF movies to match your every mood and satisfy your every genre craving.

Science fiction action movies

Science Fiction Action Movies

If you are in the mood for a fast chase, gravity defying fight scenes and larger than life characters, the science fiction action movies are right choice for you.

Science fiction comedy movies

Science Fiction Comedy Movies

If you would like to kick back, relax and laugh, go for the Science comedy movies.

Science Fiction Drama Movies

If you are in the mood for quiet reflection, shedding tears and emotional involvement, the SF dramas are waiting for you.

Science fiction horror movies

Science Fiction Horror Movies

If you are after some chilling experiences involving lots of screaming and close encounters of the scary kind, the Horror is your pick.

Science fiction romance movies

Science Fiction Romance Movies

If you see the world through heart-shaped pupils or would like to cheer for unfortunate dystopian couples, your next stop are the SF romance movies.

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