Scientists, a Shimmering Woman and a Deadly Potion - What's the Title of This Movie from 50s or 60s?

by Dan
(San Antonio)

I can only recall one tiny bit from a sci-fi movie I watched as a small child in the early 60's. Now as an adult I'd love to identify the movie and watch it.

As best I recall, near the end of the movie there were 2 or 3 male scientists in a jungle (or similar place) in a large tent. They were trying to fight off what I believe was a sort of invisible/shimmering woman.

One touch from her and I believe it was an instant death. I think I remember her going into the tent, shimmering (special effects) and I guess they threw some potion on her that killed her. Wish I could remember more but that's it. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

From SF Movie Explorers:

It sounds like a B-movie, and an interesting one at that, and here is one that might just fit the profile.

The movie is titled "The Astounding She-Monster". This black and white science fiction movie was released in 1957 starring: Robert Clarke, Kenne Duncan, Marilyn Harvey, Jeanne Tatum, Shirley Kilpatrick, Ewing Miles Brown, Al Avalon, Scott Douglas.

The story goes like this:

In the mountain forest a geologist, Dick Cutler, witnessed a fall of the meteorite which later turns out to be an alien spacecraft. In the nearby city two criminals, Nat Burdell and Brad Conley, and their lady friend, Esther Malone, kidnap a young and rich heiress, Margaret Chaffee.

They escape from the town and, on a road, they come across a "shimmering" women. The criminal driving the car is so spooked that he wrecks the vehicle. As police is after them, they head into the woods and find a cabin where the geologist lives. A "shimmering" woman, the alien who crashlanded earlier in the movie, goes after them. Soon they find out she can kill with a touch.

After a bit of chase in the woods the geologist comes up with a solution how to stop the alien and mixes up a cocktail of acids which kills her.

Although this movie has several things you mentioned: "shimmering" woman, woods, deadly potion, it has just one scientist and no tent - most of the action is set in a cabin.

So check it out and if it's not the movie you are looking for, just say a word and we explore some more. :)

Here is a trailer:

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