Short Science Fiction Films

Mr. Gun

(2009, 8 min, USA)

Director: Ben Juhl


In the year 2025 things look pretty grim for Mr. Gun, the odd-looking weapons' dealer. However, in 2010 there were still a few options left for him.

Tommy Mack is great in the role of Mr. Gun and it would be nice to see him get more screen time soon.


Out There

(2001, 8 min, Canada and USA)

Director: John Coven


Gary, alien abduction victim, seeks out a help of a psychiatrist, but before Dr. Gerard gets to treat this patient, some unforeseen complications arise.

This short movie stars Jeff Fahey (Gary) whom you may remember from The Lawnmower Man and Harry Shearer as Dr. Gerard - he played in the movies My Stepmother is an Alien, The Truman Show and Godzilla.

In 2002, this movie won a Platinum Award in the category Independent Short Subject-Film & Video at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.


Panick Attack!

(2009, 5min, Uruguay)

Director: Fede Alvarez


Panic Attack! is an action-packed short movie about alien robots which attack and destroy the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo.

It got the attention of big kahunas in Hollywood and landed the director Fede Alvarez a juicy contract with Sam Raimi.


Portal: No Escape

(2011, 6 min, USA)

Director: Dan Trachtenberg


This short was inspired by a video game called Portal and it's one cool CGI treat.


The Raven

(2010, 6 min, USA)

Director: Ricardo de Montreuil


Raven has powers which put him on the government's most wanted list.



(2009, 9.5 min, Finland)

Director: Jan Inberg


A man wakes up on a Christmas morning. He talks with his wife, they exchange presents, nothing seems out of the ordinary... Or does it?


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