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When SF Movies Come in Small Packages..

Short science fiction movies are a great way to get your minimal daily SF movie dosage when you do not have the time to treat yourself to a feature SF film.

Considering the limited time, 5-30 (max 40) minutes, they accomplish so much. They sizzle with interesting ideas, stir up our imagination, make us laugh, cry, or jump with joy, leave us dazzled with special effects and, sometimes, their impact is greater than that of their bigger brothers.

They are also a great playground for young filmmakers to demonstrate their directorial skills or storytelling talents, present their work and create pure entertainment undiluted by box office demands and film industry trends.

Extra allure is, I guess, that filmmakers don't need loads of money to bring their short projects into existence and give them a look as though they had just walked out of a big budget special effects beauty salon.

Speaking of up-and-coming filmmakers, do not miss Radik's short comedy High Voyage. He sent us some behind-the-scene info as well.

Live Action Short SF Movies

Many short SF movies float freely in cyberspace and the Web is a great place to find them, but, being an SF movie addict, I love to have them in one basket and close at hand. So here is a list of the awesome short science fiction movies we can enjoy together. :)

We arranged/divided these movies into three pages (and in alphabetical order) for faster loading and easier browsing.

On the first page - from A to L - you'll find Alive in Joburg, BlinkyTM, Connected, The Escape, The Gift, High Maintenance and La Jetée.

On the second page - from M to R - there are short movies like Mr. Gun, Out There, Panick Attack!, Portal: No Escape, The Raven, Replica,  are waiting for you.

On the third page - from S to Z - you'll can watch The Small Multiple, Sooner or Later, Stasis, The 3rd Letter,The Un-gone and World Builder found their home.

Animated Short SF Films

If you prefer animated short SF films the following two pages may have something for you.

On the first page - there are 9, Aliens vs Coffee Machine, Back to Life, Burn-E, Fard, Girl and Robot and Lifted

On the second page - look for More, Oceansize, Pereval, Replay, The Cathedral, The Chubbchubbs!, Umbra and  What on Earth!

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