The End of All Mankind

by Felix Berner

Copyright  2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved!

Copyright 2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved!

Copyright  2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved! Copyright  2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved! Copyright  2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved! Copyright  2011 Felix Berner - all rights reserved!

Mankind - is an ambitious, upcoming no-budget science fiction diploma movie, and a challenging project.

Challenging because it forces me to live in a greenbox - instead of using a flat green screen, I painted my whole living room green!

After living more than 3 months in such a room - right now I'm drying my dripping wet laundry in there! - I'm slowly but surely losing my mind!

If you are asking yourself, how it all began and why I'm doing it, my response is that I'm in love with science fiction films, and have been for many years!

After I promised my dying mother last year on her deathbed to make this movie - to finish my study and to rock the world of making movies - I started working on it!

At first, I planned to create a feature sci-fi homage in analog settings in the style and flavour of the films which were produced in the 80's. I've been inspired by films like Alien 1-3, Blade Runner, Moon 44, The Thing, Halo Games and Halo commercials.

But I realized that a feature film is too long and too much work to show it as a diploma movie - so I decided to make this "smaller" (actually it took more work to do this film than it usually takes to make a feature film) movie before gathering some money, after finishing this one, to realize the planned feature film!

I'm not too keen on our human race - so I decided to make a short movie about the end of all mankind in the year 2079! The worst thing is, that my story is becoming true - cause all starts and also ends by nuclear explosions and nuclear weapons!

This project has no crew - it is a one-man show - camera, script, direction, production, set, costumes, sound and music are made by myself- cause I've also been a designer and musician for years ( /

I just engaged a CGI-artist to replace the green color by photorealistic elements and backgrounds - the irony - such a CGI/VFX technology is the most expensive thing in film business and I use it in my no-budget movie :D!

I'm still searching for CGI / food/ love / money to realize this project - so if you think you are able to help, you'll find all details on

You can also help by writing about this project- write on your blogs about it and tell the world that there is a freaky but talented German director out there who right now is creating a Hollywood-like sci-fi movie in his living room ;)!


Felix Berner
up-and-coming filmmaker

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Aug 17, 2011
Continua cosi
by: Umberto

Ciao Felix, mi chiamo Umberto, come te sto cercando di realizzare un corto di fantascienza,continua cosi' non ti scoraggiare e vai avanti per la tua strada.
Il progetto mi sembra buono e sono convinto che sara' veramente ben fatto!

(Hello Felix, my name is Umberto, like you I'm trying to make a short science fiction, so do not be discouraged, and go on your way.
The project looks good and I am convinced that will be very well done!

Jun 15, 2011
I'm not Stanley Kubrick...
by: Felix Berner

I'm a guy just like you who has a dream!

Apr 26, 2011
Take it easy on the arrogance
by: Anonymous

It's definitely admirable what you are doing and the film looks tight and classy despite the budget, but I found myself raising my eyebrows at some of your comments.

I think that that some of your comments were, or could be seen, as arrogant. I encourage you to be more humble in your successes because that seems to be the only way that true passion projects work; through humility.

So let's take it easy on the self-aggrandizing comments. Let's be honest. You're not Stanley Kubrick.

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