The Feature SF Movie Tenebrae Lux

by Ryan Boran
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

The Feature Film Tenebrae Lux

The Feature Film Tenebrae Lux

Hi my name is Ryan Boran, I am a director based out of Brooklyn N.Y.. I'm currently working on my second feature length film to date, which is called Tenebrae Lux with the sole intention of making something truly imaginative and different, something that I hope most science fiction enthusiasts can respect and appreciate.

Tenebrae Lux is a story about a spiritual traveler and observer who has taken a vow of silence and has the ability to cross between worlds. He is in search of truths about his past and the greater system of worlds in which he's currently in. The trailer to the film, and more about the story can be seen on my kickstarter campaign.

What I aim to create with this film is a series of worlds which capture the imagination of the audience by filming in some of the most surreal places around the world and subtly incorporating CGI (computer generated images) into those scenes.

Today's blockbuster productions seem to rely too heavily on CGI to carry the story through explosions and over the top actions scenes so what I intend to do is create a more organic film experience that relies on the plot and cinematography to drive the film, and use the CGI, costuming, and exotic locations to give it the special look and feel.

I started reading science fiction and fantasy as a kid, reading all the great classics (Herbert, Huxley, Asimov, Tolkien) up into my adult years, not to mention the comics of Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer, to name a few. I received a Bachelors of Science in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, and one my favorite general education courses was of course my science fiction literature class.

Blade Runner, Dark City, The Matrix, Pitch Black, and Dune are some of the movies which come to mind when I think of films which I enjoy, but to be honest, I can't say Tenebrae Lux will be very similar to any of these films.

I think my biggest influence would be the science fiction author Frank Herbert. His character Pardot Kynes as the Imperial Planetologist in the first Dune novel was brilliant. The brief description of the ecology of Dune in the Appendix of the first book, written by that character, was to me monumental in incorporating ecology into science fiction. I think that would be my biggest influence, and if anything, that is what I aim to create, a science fiction film which uses ecology and evolutionary concepts to make something that really captures the imagination of the audience.

I think the link above and the trailer to the movie will help you understand the concept even further, and give you a very good visual clue to what I have in mind. So enjoy! And thanks!


Ryan Boran

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Apr 19, 2014
Jack Vance?
by: Anonymous

In the first place sorry for my english, I'm french.

You really have to try Jack Vance. His books put characters in a place and planet that are always singular and exotic. Reading a book by Vance is like going on a long journey and you never know where it's gonna take you...

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