Never Trust The Strangers

The Strangers from science fiction movie Dark City are an ancient race on the verge of extinction.

They have a nasty habit of kidnapping humans and experimenting with them. Apparently, they are convinced that studying what makes each human different will help them find a solution to their predicament.

The Strangers, Dark Cit

The Strangers are unique among the parasitic types of aliens in that they seem to have unfathomable mental powers. As Dr. Daniel P. Schreber describes it in the film:

"They had mastered the ultimate technology - the ability to alter physical reality by will alone".

They are telepathically connected to each other as "they share one group mind".

They possess advanced technology which they use to extract human memories, shuffle them around and make unique mixes. They co-opt them to alter people's personality and observe the results.

Every day at midnight they make the inhabitants of their surreal city in space fall asleep. As part of their experiment, besides changing people's identities, they reshape the city within the span of a few minutes in the process they call "tuning".

They rearrange streets, make buildings appear out of nowhere or disappear, and change the design of the existing ones into any shape or size. It is truly a magnificent display of power, which every human could appreciate if only they were awake. For this process they combine their individual mental powers using a machine which amplifies these powers.

Moreover, they use the bodies of dead people as vessels to move around. You can recognize these by pale skin, and bold heads. Their choice of clothing generally consists of a long black trench coat, black fedora, gloves and boots, which combined together give them a menacing appearance. Beneath their coats they wear black leather suits of unique design made of different black leather pieces held together with a number of intricate straps, belts and laces.

In the original form, they are bluish gelatinous tadpole-like creatures. Across the body section they have a rounded mouth with lots of teeth and lots of tentacles.

They usually don't use weapons, they can easily lift and throw a person several meters away with their telekinetic powers or make people sleep with telepathic ones. Their powers seldom fail them but if they do - for example, if for some inexplicable reason their opponent happens to be immune to them - they resort to somewhat cruder weapons, such as knives.

Lastly, it should be noted they have rather descriptive names, such as Mr. Hand, Mr. Rain, Mr. Sleep. Likewise, the leader of the Strangers is called Mr.Book.

Even when inhabiting the human host, The Strangers have an aversion to water and light. When sprayed with water they burn and turn to dust, so if you mix these ingredients the nightmare starts to fade away.

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