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The Thirteenth Floor is directed by Josef Rusnak. Screenplay was written by Josef Rusnak and Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez. It was based on Daniel F. Galouye's novel Simulacron Three.

Jason Whitney: If you're thinking what I think you're thinking don't even think about it.

Jane Fuller: They say that deja vu is usually a sign of love at first sight.

Detective Larry McBain: You're picking up bad habits left and right.
Douglas Hall: Must be the stress.
Detective Larry McBain: Then you'll need a carton.

Detective Larry McBain: We took his statement. Said we'd be in touch. Somebody reached out and touched him first.

Douglas Hall: Just because I don't remember it doesn't mean I didn't do it.

Jerry Ashton: And what I saw...scared me to the depths..of my miserable soul.

Douglas Hall: These people are real. They are as real as you and me.
Jason Whitney: Yeah, that's because...we designed them that way,Doug. I mean, but..In the end, they're just a bunch of electronic circuits.

Detective Larry McBain: I think I made the age-old mistake: Never trust a beautiful woman.

Douglas Hall: I know the truth.
Jane Fuller: Where are you?
Douglas Hall: You could call it the end of the world.

Douglas Hall: Like a puppet.
Jane Fuller: A puppet doesn't have a soul.
Douglas Hall: I can't have a soul any more than Fuller.
Jane Fuller: But you do.

Douglas Hall: You pull the plug...I disappear. And nothing I ever say nothing I ever do will ever matter. Why don't you find my user? I'm sure he's a much better catch.

Jane Fuller: I fell in love with you before I even met you.

Douglas Hall: How can you love me? I'm not even real. You can't fall in love with a dream.

Douglas Hall: We've improved on this model since then. Now the players can beat the shit out of and try to drown one another, which is always fun.

Jane Fuller: He's dead?
Detective Larry McBain: A bullet will do that to you...So, is somebody gonna unplug me now? Do me a favor, will you? When you get back to wherever you come from just leave us alone down here, okay?

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