Unidentified Sci-fi Movie of the 40's or 50's

by Andy
(Santa Fe NM USA)

When I was a teenage boy growing up in New Jersey in the 1950's, I once happened to see the last half of a science fiction movie on late-night TV out of Newark or New York City. It had been made in black & white, for the big screen (no made-for-TV movies back then!).

The movie seemed to be extolling the struggles and virtues of communism, or something similar, especially the central planning aspect of that philosophy.

One of the main characters actually resembled Georgy Malenkov a little bit. How strange that this movie was aired on TV right after the McCarthy era!!

In the final scenes, the viewer is treated to a fantastic, well-executed panorama of a very futuristic city with soaring skyscrapers interconnected with lofty arches, flying cars and other aircraft, and all manner of amazing architecture and technology, seemingly to the purpose of showing us how effective the "new order" was at bringing about these marvelous changes for that fictional society.

The society was not identified as Russian, nor the ruling party as communist, but the resemblance on both counts was unmistakable to me, a mere 14 year old kid.

I never saw the movie again, nor did I ever hear a reference to it anywhere.

Who knows anything about that movie?

From SF Movie Explorers:

Here are some movies that might match your query; the thing is, there is a little bit of what you described in each of these movies (futuristic city panoramas, a new world order, flying cars). Metropolis is probably the best match, but it is also the most famous of the four and most often referenced.

Aelita (1924)

Metropolis (1927)

Just Imagine (1930)

Things to Come (1936)

Check them out and maybe you could tell us which one reminds you of the movie you are looking for.

Perhaps you could also give us some more information about the movie in question: was it a silent or sound movie? Is the plot set on Earth or other planets? Are there any aliens in the movie?

Do you remember anything about the characters, or do you remember any of the actors? Can you remember the exact year when you saw it?

Any of these would go a long way towards finding the right match.

Happy exploring! :)

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