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Famous Virtuosity movie quotes and dialogs:

This cyber-thriller was directed by Brett Leonard and released in 1995. Eric Bernt supplied the story and the screenplay. Terry Bisson wrote a novel based on movie Virtuosity, which was published the same year.

Hologram head in virtual world: While officers gather evidence of the grisly crime scene, you can only ask yourselves, "What kind of lunatic would commit such unthinkable crimes?" The three adjectives which best describe this killer are sadistic, intelligent and dangerous.

Sid 6.7: I'm just gonna do a little performance piece with your partner. I'll be back to do my solo with you.

Sid 6.7: [while trying to strangle Barns] Here's a new composition. This one's called "First suffer, then die".

Madison Carter: He's going into shock.
Elizabeth Deane: What's wrong with that man?
Wallace: The sensitivity calibrations must've slipped just a tad.

Parker Barnes: He cheated.
William Cochran: Who?
Parker Barnes: Sid 6.7. Electrocution wasn't a part of his weapons menu.
William Cochran: What are you talking about?
Parker Barnes: Methods of killing. Automatic rifle, shotgun, handgun, his hands, feet, teeth. Electrocution wasn't available.

Sid 6.7: I'm a 50 kilobyte self-evolving neural network. Double back-flip off the high platform. I'm not a swan dive, and I have to tell you...Killing for real... It was a real rush.
Lindenmeyer: Oh, my God.
Sid 6.7: Which god would that be? The one who created you, or the one who created me? In your world, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. In my world, the one who gave me life doesn't have any balls.

Clyde Reilly: Millions of nano-machines are suspended in chlodial solution. They're absorbing the glass molecules and using them to generate the snake. The nano-cells are silicon-based, so they need glass to regenerate. But if you separate the character module from the polymer neural net. You get... nano-death.

Sid 6.7:[after cutting off his little finger and licking a nano-blood] A good year.

Madison Carter: This is using some kind of genetic algorithms. Sid's too complex to design. He had to grow him up like a real person with a personality disorder. The program learns like a child|but much faster. He put killers in Sid's nursery and let him watch them killing each other.

Sid 6.7: Every orchestra is divided into sections. Like instruments sit with like instruments. What kind of instrument are you?

Sid 6.7: [after Barns shot him several times] Ahhh... I'm losing too much of myself.

Sid 6.7: I've got another little tune for my friends in crime-buster land. The symphony of collision!

Sid 6.7: [to Barns] We have such a history together. We'd make a great team. A dynamic duo. Who else touched the world with synthetic hands? Who else has been locked out of the real world and is now free? Who else do you know that's a multiple murderer...just like you?

Parker Barnes: [asks Carter to hand him a gun] Reach and hand me that crowd-pleaser.

Sid's victim: Very typical, right? A punk comes in with a gun. We're all intimidated, he starts shooting, bodies and blood. Another typical day, right? Mayhem, murder and intimidation.

Announcer at the Olympic Auditorium: Enough with the close-up, Mr De Mille! We wanna return to the rumble!

Sid 6.7: [as Matthew Grimes used to say] Hey, Parker! This one's for you!

Sid 6.7: Hey, buddy. How's the wife and kid? Still dead, huh? That's reality for you. No saving, no resetting.

Sid 6.7: Just because I'm carrying around the joy of killing your family inside me doesn't mean we can't be friends.

Sid 6.7: You're the only guy on my dance card, Parker.

Sid 6.7: Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans! Welcome. [...] To Death TV. [...] All you have to do, sweet viewers, is to ask. So, what do you want? Strangulation? Mutilation? Cannibalism? Gunshots? Stabbings? I'll slice, dice, julienne. What about hanging... by the testicles?

Sid 6.7: Folks at home, Ed. Ed, folks at home. Enjoying the show, Ed? At moments like this, I bet you're thinking, "Where's God?" I have the same dilemma. Look at the response. They love you. What I am is not my fault. It's not even my choice. I came to be, because of what you are. They love you so much, they want you dead... Ed. Face it, folks, to kill... is in your nature.

Sid 6.7: [to Barns]I am made of everything! I am the future! And you...You're losing your sense of humor.

Sid 6.7: Uh, uh, uh! I thought of that one, too. Better try again... Faster!

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