Woodpeckers from space live action!

by Em
(Cumbria, UK)

I'm making a live action science fiction movie called Woodpeckers from Space. It's a great VideoKids song and I've decided to do a movie about it!

The plot is about a boy who sees woodpeckers from space come to earth on the news. The next day, he is at school in History and he is day dreaming. Suddenly a woodpecker from space runs past the window and he shouts out, "Sir! It's a woodpecker from space!"

But the teacher won't believe him, "Oh you are just being silly! There's no such thing as a woodpecker from space".

The woodpecker keeps jumping about and the boy starts showing off and he gets detention.

A few days later, it's the Christmas holidays and when he gets to bed, the woodpecker from space comes in and he's friendly.

He takes the boy to outer space and the boy turns into a super hero. An evil robot has kidnapped a girl and the boy must save her. He fights the robot and saves the girl and they become a boyfriend and girlfriend. Later they go back to earth and go on a date.

VideoKids are an 80s pop group mostly remembered by their 1984 song Woodpeckers from Space.

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