Parasitic Alien Intruder From the Movie The Faculty

Parasitic alien intruder in the movie The Faculty escaped from its home planet when its living quarters, namely the oceans, began to dry up. It had to find a new world and our blue gem caught its eye.

Parasitic and Parasitoid Types of Aliens - The Faculty

The alien relishes water and it is at its most comfortable when in it but before it can lay back, so to speak, and enjoy its private pool naturally this extraterrestrial first has to bring humans to their knees.

It embarks upon conquering Earth using all cunning schemes and persuasion techniques at its disposal.

This kind of invasion is, as we know, not the easiest of tasks. Especially if their is a group of open-minded youngsters who are willing to put in action ideas they picked up from SF movies and novels.

To accomplish this the parasitic alien is compelled to blow its shape-shifting cover. It is interesting to see what kind of identity it assumes once it decides to make its entrance at a high school in a small Midwestern town. Is it a coach of a rugby team or high school principle or someone else? Mystery reveals itself in the end.

Granted this alien intruder is intelligent and dangerous, but even so how can one alien take on the whole human kind?, you ask. Well, not without its little helpers.

Apparently the alien queen is a vessel for highly mobile and detachable offspring which infect humans using ear holes to get inside them. Once inside the human host they start their reproductive cycle. For this they need a moist environment, which results in making the human host very, very thirsty.

Subsequently, the possessed people recognize each other and pass the alien parasites on to the non-possessed ones.

Among parasitic types of aliens these have the most impressive regenerative powers. They are able to re-attach the host's head if it accidentally falls off. However, they can not cure a terminally ill person or make people younger. If they choose an inappropriate body, their insatiable need for water can backfire and the host dies from dehydration.

It seems that these little creatures have a knack for adjusting humans' personalities and influencing emotions, too. Shy, inhibited people become more outgoing and outspoken and brash and domineering types become more understanding and compassionate.

The progeny and the mother alien are connected telepathically so if she dies all the rest die, too. How can you kill this parasitic alien intruder? It turns out a strong diuretic will do the job. Piece of cake. And everybody in Smallville can carry on with their lives like nothing had happened. I'm not sure whether this is a comforting thought.

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