by Mathias Askeland


I'm Mathias Askeland, the producer of the upcoming sci-fi short Basilisk.

Multiple HUGO-award winning author David Langford has given us permission to adapt his story BLIT into a short film!

    A BLIT (short for Berryman Logical Imaging Technique) image is a high resolution graphic that will kill anyone who looks at it. These images are also called basilisks, hence the name of the short.

    Basilisk tells the story of a right wing terrorist group who gets their hands on this technology.

    "Shot in an abandoned nineteenth-century military bunker in Kent, the film will combine a dark, menacing tone with a frenetic plot that evolves in real time, with events ultimately leading to a conclusion that has earth-shattering consequences for the world of the film."

We are trying to get it funded via Kickstarter:

The crew is a collection of enthusiastic people, who's made a number of accomplished shorts together the last two years, among them several sci-fi shorts. Check out this showreel for proof:

Me and the director, Nikolai Hamel, are both avid sci-fi fans, spending most of our days reading, watching, writing and creating sci-fi stories. This short will be our third collaboration as a sci-fi producer-director team, having made films about in vitro meat and spaceships together in the past.

Now we just need YOUR support to get Basilisk funded! Any share, like or, even better, donation, helps us get closer to our goal of getting the film made.

Help your fellow sci-fi fans to create a kick ass short!

Editor's note:
Thank you, Mathias, for sharing the Basilisk project with us.

On their Kickstarter page, producer Mathias Askeland gives a detailed list how donation will be used. The cast and crew agreed to work for free, which says a great deal for their commitment and enthusiasm. Check it out here.

The short movie will feature Maarten Dannenberg as Wotton, Rhys Bevan as Eastbourne and Jon Osbaldeston as Wessex. Click to see their pictures.

For more updates check out Basilisk's facebook page.

You can ask your questions or leave a message below as well.

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