* Batteries Not Included

* Batteries Not Included tells a story of hard times when people look to the sky in desperation praying for a miracle. It may come quietly and fly in through an open window one evening. But don't be surprised if it takes a form you did not quite expect.

Review by Wasa
June 30, 2008

Director: Matthew Robbins

story: Mick Garris
screenplay: Brad Bird, Matthew Robbins, Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson

Hume Cronyn as Frank Riley
Jessica Tandy as Faye Riley
Elizabeth Pena as Marisa Esteval
Frank McRae as Harry Noble
Dennis Boutsikaris as Mason Baylor
Michael Carmine as Carlos
Michael Greene as Mr. Lacey

Released: 1987

Frank Riley:The quickest way to end a miracle is to ask it why it is... or what it wants.

* Batteries Not Included is a science fiction movie about five ordinary people: Faye and Frank Riley, an elderly couple; Marisa Esteval, a pregnant girl waiting for her boyfriend; Mason Baylor, a painter; and the quiet Harry Noble, a retired boxer.

They live in the same building and have the same problem. Mr. Lacey, a real estate developer, who wants to move them out and pull down their building. This happens to be the last building in the neighborhood which stands in the way of a big housing development.

He sends in Carlos, with money and a baseball bat, to do whatever it takes to convince the tenants it is in their best interest to leave.

When the "negotiations" fall through Carlos trashes the place. The tenants are frightened and hopeless. That night a couple of alien robots pay a visit to them and turn the tables on Mr. Lacey.

The robots happen to have a knack for fixing things. Among my favorites is a scene when Faye Riley (Jessica Tandy) introduces the two little robots to the other tenants. Nobody believes her, because she often forgets things and faces. She lives in her own world most of the time. To prove they exist, Faye breaks her husbands's golden watch. When the shy little robots come to repair it, a smile of triumph beams on her face. It is a priceless moment. Endearing and funny.

Although the movie has lot of funny scenes it also shows an alienated world where there is no real connection between people and where aliens need to bring the characters together.

When we meet the tenants they know little about one another. As the story unfolds they bond through the intervention of the aliens. We end up rooting for these guys!

* Batteries Not Included has a beautiful, tender, funny plot, which, I am sure, will put a smile on your face, too.

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