Bioraptors - Reptilian Aliens From The Movie Pitch Black

Bioraptors are non-sentient reptilian aliens from Pitch Black. They have something decidedly pterodactyl-like about them and their entire appearance screams "dangerous".

They got powerful wings, which double up as front legs, armed with nasty claws. They also have long tail which they efficiently use during hunting. Their blood is blue.

Their sensory organs, which function as a bio-sonar, are placed wide-apart on a hammer-like head. If any obstacle gets between them and their prey they smash it with their head. They move around using bursts of sound which, at least the part of it that human ear can register, resemble the whale's song.

Their vision is limited to shades of grey. Despite this, they "see" in the dark extremely well. However, they have a blind spot right in front of they noses - the fact which Riddick, the main character of the movie, exploits to a great effect.

They also have a keen sense of smell so they can detect blood from miles.

These reptilian aliens are exceptionally sensitive to light to such a degree that their skin burns the moment it is shone upon. They live in caves under ground on a dry arid world which has three suns and belongs to a system with two more planets.

Every 22 years the planets line up in such a way that the middle planet - home of the aliens in question - is left in total darkness.

It is not mentioned how long the eclipse lasts and nobody lives or hangs around long enough to find out this. Except for slugs which glow in dark - the only living creatures, beside bioraptors, on the otherwise lifeless planet.

During the eclipse, these exceptionally hungry alien creatures come out and feeding frenzy begins.

As it happens, the planet in the movie houses the two like (related?) species of these reptilian aliens, which the characters in the movie conveniently call, the "little boys", and the "big boys". The little boys, being more resilient to light, come out at twilight and they hunt in flocks, unlike big boys who hunt solo.

If there is not enough food to go around, the creatures resort to cannibalism. There is always a cousin too sweet to resist!

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