- Reptilian Alien from the movie Outlander

Another type of a reptilian alien is Moorwen from Outlander. It is a rather interesting example of cross-hybridization of a few predatory types - feline, reptile, and a touch of madness.

It has an oversized lizard's head with a pair of long curved horns sticking out of its back. In addition, it has spur-like plates of exoskeleton covering its front and hind legs.

A particularly interesting bit of business is a light-producing organ which looks like a bulbous growth at the base of its neck, which it uses to attract prey.

When in attack mode, the organ emits red light, which never fails to attract unsuspecting humans in the gloom of the immemorial pine woods of Old Norway.

Another curiosity is a three-pronged tail so powerful that it can punch holes through walls and human bodies.

The creature which we encounter in Outlander has a cub, and the two hunt and attack in tandem. The parent and her cub both seem to prefer dark and wet places.

This lethal alien is an excellent swimmer and even better tactician. It outmaneuvers the movie's hero, Kainan, on a number of occasions.

It efficiently tackles landscape, woods, caves, underground passages and even man-made objects, such as the palisade around a Viking settlement and an elaborate wooden trap; but mostly it relies on darkness and stealth.

It easily evades pursuit and later confronts and overcomes a Viking war party. All that makes us wonder about its mental capacities.

This reptilian alien. hunts humans mostly, and is driven by revenge. Generally, it mauls its humans victims, though occasionally it snatches a man and drags him alive into its underground cave for its cub to play with.

That sounds tough, but, hey, how would you feel if someone just went ahead and destroyed your home, wiping out your entire species, and then hauled you halfway across the universe?

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