Reptilian Humanoid Alien
From The Movie Predator

The reptilian humanoid alien from the movie Predator sports reptile-like spotted skin and clawed hands. Also, its hind legs look like alligator's limbs. Scary though it is, this alien is unique in that it has a very strict code of engagement - it always goes for the biggest and best armed quarry around.

It plays with its victims, it seeks the thrill of chase. Interestingly, it might even let its human prey be if it poses no immediate threat.

As evidenced in the movie and the spin-offs, this species is our old acquaintance. Our ancestors knew of its existence, and left traces of it in their folklore and architecture.

This highly advanced alien, which mastered the faster-than-light space travel, taught humans to build pyramids whose frescoes bear testimony of its visits to Earth, as well as scenes of ritual sacrifice and other motifs characteristic of a religious cult.

The species utilizes superior technology and an assortment of various weapons, such as a mini laser cannon, camouflage devices as well as steel nets, retractable projectile blades, spears.

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Its language is based on a system of clicking sounds made by its flexible mandibles. Also, it has some sort of an ideogram-style alphabet.

Young male predators have a particularly vicious and deadly rite of passage. If they survive it, they mark their faces with an ideogram signifying a true hunter. They etch it into their foreheads, or cheeks, using severed limbs of their traditional quarry and its highly corrosive blood.

If they fail at their hunt, they will sooner blow up the whole site of the hunt than allow it to be overrun by its fast-multiplying adversary. So you can forget about the deadly meteorites, the mythical deluge, and killer volcanoes. It was them who destroyed the ancient civilizations.

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