Awesome Short Sci-Fi Movies

Alive in Joburg

(2005, 6 min, Canada)

Director: Neill Blomkamp


Friendly aliens land in Johannesburg and start to live among humans, but after a while, although they live in an isolated area and in poor conditions, they are not welcome anymore.

Movie District 9 was based on this short film and both were directed by Neill Blomkamp. Sharlto Copley appears in both movies, but in different roles.



(2011, 13 min, USA and Ireland)

Director: Ruairi Robinson


Blinky is a family robot cute as a button, but his angry young owner turns a fairy tale into a nightmare.



(2009, 7 min, Denmark)

Directors: Jens Raunkjær Christensen and Jonas Drotner Mouritsen


Two strange figures, connected with pipes, roam across a bleak and scorched land of a post-apocalyptic future when they meet a third one.


The Escape

(2013, 5 min, Italy)

Directors: Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano Di Natale


A man travel through time to prevent a major future catastrophe.


The Gift

(2010, 4 min, UK)

Director: Carl Erik Rinsch


Six lines ("What is that?; It's a unicorn.; Never seen one up close before; Beautiful!; Get away, get away.; I'm sorry.") inspired five directors to make short movies in five different genres for Phillips' Parallel Lines project.

Carl Erik Rinsch chose SF. :)

In a future high-tech dystopian Moscow the only thing that stands out from the gray reality is a gift-wrapped package in red and gold.


High Maintenance

(2006, 9 min, Germany)

Directors: Phillip Van


Jane and Paul celebrate their anniversary with a candlelight dinner. Paul is a bit too tense and preoccupied with his job for Jane's liking. As she crosses the room and hugs him, she decides that the time has come for some radical makeover.

Phillip Van won several awards for this short movie including BAFTA/LA Award for Excellence at Aspen Shortsfest, Groundbreakers Award at HATCHfest and Golden Space Needle at Seattle International Film Festival.


La Jetée

(1962, 27 min, France)

Director: Chris Marker


Chris Marker won in 1963 a Prix Jean Vigo award for this black and white short film which 33 years later inspired director Terry Gilliam and screenplay writers David and Janet Peoples to make the movie 12 Monkeys.


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